Ornament magazine cover 1999

Rebekah Younger: A Whole Cloth

Artist Ana Lisa Hedstrom once called Rebekah Younger “the queen of shading.” Younger’s trademark colors—which overlap and run together in happy unpredictability the way light washes over the sky’s palette in an ever-changing display—are expressed through the soft tunics, jackets and scarves of her Younger Knits line. “Sunset hues always inform my work,” she says, taking a break in the studio that occupies part of the bottom floor of her home in Vallejo, California. “I’m a missionary of color. Color represents life to me. I think it has the same effect on other people whether they realize it or not. I’ve had people come into my booth at craft shows and comment that it’s such a spiritual place. They’re feeling the effect of color.” They also may may be feeling the motivation that drives Younger as an artist: the belief that the act of creation is itself spiritual. It is no accident that she calls herself a missionary of her art—in July 1999, she was ordained as a minister in the nonsectarian church, Unity of the Spirit—so in a personal and professional sense, Younger is weaving all the loose ends of her interests into a whole cloth.  Read More